Factors Forming Public Appraisal on Service Quality of Sukabumi Municipal Water Supply Company (PDAM)

Ike Rachmawati, Ikeu Kania, Ujuh Juhana


The people of Sukabumi city as the customers of drinking water complain that the Sukabumi Municipal Water Supply Company (PDAM) service is still not optimal. Therefore, this study aims to find out the factors forming public appraisal of PDAM service quality. Using a quantitative approach, the survey was conducted toward the customers of Sukabumi Municipal Water Supply Company (PDAM). A total of 120 respondents were selected by simple random sampling method which then analyzed using confirmatory factor analysis. The service quality variables consisting of tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy are broken down into 31 indicators. The result shows that 4 factors out of 31 indicators tested were influential in forming public appraisal on service quality of Sukabumi Municipal Water Supply Company (PDAM). These factors include accuracy (at an eigen score of 10.671), politeness (at eigen score of 2.021), response speed (at eigen score of 1.646) and technological capability (at eigen score of 1.333).

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11114/ijlpa.v1i2.3760


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